Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about working with us? Read commonly asked questions & answers by topic.

Common Questions about QCM Media

What does QCM Media do? How do I contact QCM Media? What kinds of businesses does QCM Media work with? Does QCM Media work with clients in another state or country? What are your hours of operation? Are you hiring? How much do you charge? Are your fees negotiable? and more..

Common Questions about Projects

If I have an existing site, does QCM Media do redesigns? How long will building a site take? How will I maintain the website, can I update it myself? Will my site be search engine friendly? How will my site look on tablets and cel phones? Will I be able to track traffic to my site and user behavior? How frequently do we need to be in contact? Do we need to meet in person? Who will make up the team for my project? What if I need more than a website? and more..

Common Questions about Ecommerce

What is an e-commerce development agency? Why do I need to hire an e-commerce agency? What are the different types of e-commerce? What are the stages of e-commerce growth? What are the benefits of a fast website? What are the basics of e-commerce design? What are the most important e-commerce store features? If I want to move my e-commerce store does QCM Media do that? and more...